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Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's your city's kink?

The folks at Digg did some, um, unusual research:

"The Pornhub Insights blog is responsible for post after post of awesome porn data. So when we decided we wanted to know what people were getting off to in cities like Anchorage, Honolulu and Detroit, we knew exactly who to ask...

"Pornhub statisticians satisfied our curiosity by sending us a list of top five search terms on Pornhub.com for cities across the U.S. plus each city's most searched-for porn stars. Their findings were based on search data from 2014."

The data is sanitized and not really work-unsafe, unless your workplace is to uptight that even terms like "milf" are verboten. If so, save the links until you're at home.

 BTW, Boston's top 5 porn search terms? Massage, college, pov, asian, and milf.