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Monday, July 26, 2010

More Alaska 2010 HD vids (part 6)

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I'm almost done with the next batch of photos, but as I was sorting them, I found two additional 720p (HD) videos from the first part of the Alaska Highway; I'd misfiled them. (D'oh!)

This shows the 2nd black bear walking along the roadside, sniffing out, finding, and then chomping on some tidbit --- probably an insect or other small critter:

I was about 20 feet (6m) from the bear, but safely inside my car (I even rolled the car forward to keep pace with the bear and to change the view angle). The bear wasn't interested in me in the least. <g>

The second (very brief) clip shows the woodland bison grazing with machinelike precision: It would swing its heavy head from side to side, mowing an arc of grass, then step forward and mow the next arc. I was close enough to hear the munching/tearing sounds as the grass was cropped, although the tiny built-in mic on my video camera didn't pick up much sound.

More soon!

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