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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A step-by-step guide for improving boot times

Today's weekly column for the WindowsSecrets e-newsletter starts this way:
A step-by-step guide for improving boot times

By Fred Langa

Even powerful, capable hardware can sometimes get bogged down, and few things are more irritating than a needlessly long boot,

Horrible four-minute boot resists easy fixes

Yvon Dubois' PC has plenty of horsepower, but it's taking forever to boot. Yvon's tried all the normal speed-up steps, but none worked. (The PC is running XP, but the answer applies to all versions of Windows.)

  • "My Dell Inspiron, with 2.7GHz Quadcore CPU, 3GB RAM, and XP Pro, takes over four minutes to boot.

    "I reduced the number of icons on the desktop, reduced to a minimum the start-up programs, and ran some commercial tune-up tools, all to no avail.

    "I have Trend Micro AV and TurtleBeach audio running at start-up, and that's about it. During all that time, the hard drive is continuously running.

    "Any suggestions?"

Sure, Yvon!

You've already done the most important first step — reducing the amount of software trying to run at start-up. But you can do more...


And then the first item in the column goes on to discuss half a dozen extra steps you can take to make your PC start up noticeably faster.

Other topics in my column this week:

  • Remove Flash's hidden pieces before a complete re-install
  • How to delete a folder containing "illegal" filenames
  • Hardware error masquerades as software trouble
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