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Sunday, September 12, 2010

More than a little strange.

Joseph Stalin Drew Naked Men

When he wasn't busy sending people to the Gulag, Joseph Stalin relaxed by settling himself in with a cool drink and a roaring fire... to draw himself some good old fashioned pornography. And if that isn't odd enough, he'd also write scathing remarks about people underneath the pictures, just because he thought it was funny. And hell, he's right:

"Hey, comrade fatso! A ridiculous mustache doesn't justify 'eating for two.'"

The signatures on the drawings have been officially authenticated as Stalin's, but after analyzing the pictures, Russian psychologists have gone on record as stating that they "didn't find any expressions of homosexuality." Though they begrudgingly admitted immediately afterward that "this material of course does prompt you have this thought."

Just a little bit.

So don't worry, proud, patriotic Russians, the "Great Leader" wasn't a fancyboy or anything... he just really, really comes off like one at first.

"A little mass-murder, a little nude sketching, a little mass murder, a little nude sketching..."

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