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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recover from a disastrous hard-drive crash

Reader Lynn Tait's PC suffered a severe drive breakdown:
"I recently had two hard-drive failures, both slave and master. My files were recovered but all my photos now have new names like file00000123. Photoshop won't open them — doesn't recognize the format.

"The metadata in Bridge shows the real file name under original and/or preserved file name. How do I get my old file names back or at least have them recognized by Photoshop and Lightroom?"

Losing Windows' file names can be almost as bad as losing the files themselves, but there still are ways to recover. The first item in my weekly WindowsSecrets.com column tell you how.

Other items in my column:

  • Should you defrag a solid-state drive (SSD)?
  • Diagnosing strange .exe start-up files
  • More strange startup files — mystery .dlls
All articles this week: http://WindowsSecrets.com/comp/100909

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