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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The end of XP

On October 22, Microsoft pulled the plug on sales of Windows XP, ending the operating system's spectacular nine-year run.

Fortunately, XP's long run has produced a ton of collected wisdom: everything you need to keep your copy going strong and — when ready — to help you move on.

It can easily be argued that XP is the most successful operating system in the history of personal computers, so XP's going off-sale is truly a watershed moment in the tech world.

That's the topic of the (free) "Top Story" I wrote for this week's Windows Secrets Newsletter; it's a brief reprise of why XP succeeded so well, what happens now, and --- most importantly for XP users --- it contains links to over two dozen very useful XP-related setup, tuning, and maintenance articles.

If you use XP, or support someone who does, check it out. It's free!


Elsewhere in that issue, my regular Q&A column is also running. Topics there include:

  • Network just stops, for no obvious reason
  • Transferring programs without reinstallation
  • Separate partitions for system and data?
  • Questions about flash-drive limitations
Here's the full issue rundown:

Free content posted on Nov. 11, 2010:

Paid content:

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