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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Palin Haiku contest

the origin:
@BorowitzReport: I'm hosting the 2010 @BorowitzReport Palin Haiku contest. Give me your entries, and use the hashtag #palinhaiku
Symbols on paper/Don't make any sense to me/Could this be English?
Wolves run on the ground/Chopper blades ruining my hair/Fire fire fire reload
her thoughts meander / working their way through facebook / and ghostwritten tweets
A Palindrome is The same forewards as backwards No sense either way.
Let her see Russia / But not Pennylvania / Avenue from home.
Oh Sarah Palin / How you confuse the masses / By saying nothing
A Mama grizzly / Grabs her shotgun for the wolves / To refudiate
oh my alaska / no blacks, no jews, just bears / my old home sweet home
I fill the ether/With my half-baked truthiness/You should all love me
Like a gentle snow/That stays frozen on the ground/She won't go away
Open hand says all/giving voice to ideas/not in head nor tongue
Which is my favorite/World leader? Oh, let me think/Hey look a squirrel!