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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Politifact Names 'Lie of the Year'Politifact Names 'Lie of the Year'

 This year’s biggest political lie is the phrase “a government takeover of health care,” holds the nonpartisan fact-checking group Politifact. The term "government takeover" was suggested by a GOP strategist, who called on Republican leaders to use it to refer to health care reform—and use it they did: 90 times on John Boehner’s website, for example, and 200 times on the RNC site. Politifact editors and readers both chose the phrase as the lie of the year.

“The phrase is simply not true.” While health reform does boost “government regulation of health insurers,” they write, “it is, at its heart, a system that relies on private companies and the free market.”


(Last year's Lie of the Year: "Death panels:" http://www.newser.com/story/76661/lie-of-the-year-death-panels.html )

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