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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Desktop, screen, and video capture made easy

Reader Gary Smith is struggling with screen- and video-capture issues.
  • "There are more and more screen-grabbers and video-grabbers, and it's getting bewildering trying to know which to use or whether they conflict with each other or with other apps being used.

    "I've looked around but don't see this area addressed. Please advise."

When you want to grab an image off your screen, Windows' own built-in image-capture tools will do the trick nicely most of the time.

And when the simplest methods don't work, there's extra help readily available — no matter what you're trying to capture...

That's the start of the lead item in my Q&A column for Windows secrets this week, which goes on to describe the major approaches and tools for screen capture.

Other topics this week:

  • Microsoft pushing IE for MSE 2.0 updates
  • Ditch paid-for antivirus for MSE 2?
  • Lost passwords and moving a system image
Full issue contents:

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