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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The most weighty transmute: MSE 2. More on that in a before you can say 'Jack Robinson'...

Looks like someone ran one of my articles through translation software: English to something else and then back to not-quite-English. But they added bizarre new stuff too.

I'm guessing it's some kind of honeypot page to collect pageviews from errant searchers.

I'm glad they think it's worth the effort, but geez:

Two consequential surveillance tools get open updates By Fred Langa Two remaining guaranty apps, Microsoft Protection Essentials 2. 0 now uses heuristic malware detection in too to the same definitions-based malware detection methods employed by MSE 1. 0 and Secunia Individual Software Inspector 2. The character versions of these programs were horrific, but the new versions are even control superiors. In December, after a four-month beta study, Microsoft humbly released a primary rewrite of its affecting and at liberty Insurance Essentials anti-malware tool. I paid the few bucks for the paid pledge, but they also have a comp (Unfettered) variety if you’re sharp on readies. Heuristic technology has been around for years and is designed to notice new malware based on behavior, thus protecting you against threats that aren't yet in the definitions database. 0 is a exactly unconditional rewrite of Microsoft's custody instrument. The new model is slowly being rolled out via Windows Update, but you can — and I recollect you should — fingers on it to be honest away. The most weighty transmute: MSE 2. Although there are some visual changes in the software (more on that in a before you can say 'Jack Robinson'), the most relevant enhancements are under the covers. they're must-have softwar. While you’re there I would propose you sign up for the Windows Secrets newsletter. MSE2 calls this stress behavior monitoring.


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