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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return IE to its just-installed state with ease

Reader Orval Wood came up with a great question after reading about IE8-setup tweaks in my Dec. 16 Top Story, "10 great 'Do these first' tweaks for Windows 7."

    * "What happens if you already have IE8 set up? Can [the initial] IE8 settings be changed after it has been installed?"

Yes indeed, Orval. In fact, Microsoft made it incredibly easy — just a couple of clicks — to restore IE8 to its just-installed state. And you have the option of again running the Setup Wizard, if you so choose.

That's the lead item in my Q&A for Windows Secrets this week. the other topics:

  • SD card stuck in write-protect mode
  • Don't use "Stopzilla"
  • Forcing Internet Explorer to full-size

The full-issue rundown:

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