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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new security threat arrives: "Evercookies"

Reader Rome Arnold was alarmed to learn of a new kind of cookie.
  • "Is it correct that private browsing does not block the placement of Evercookies (or permanent cookies) on your computer, no matter whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Safari?

    "From what I read on the Net, these Evercookies are very difficult to clean because they are placed in multiple locations and can self-regenerate."

Evercookies are indeed real: The author of the Samy worm invented and released a new tool for creating permanent cookies that evade classic cookie-management tools.

Evercookies hide themselves in eight different places, and they can regenerate themselves if you delete them....

That's the start of my current Q&A columns published in this week's Windows Secrets. I discuss what Evercookies are, how they're created, what they do, and how to block and remove them. I also discuss "Local Shared Objects" and similar cookie-like data-storage mechanisms that can also evade basic cookie-management tools.

Other reader-submitted questions answered this week:

  • Coping with generic error messages
  • Solved: System Restore disk creation failure
  • Password managers need strong passwords
Here's the full issue run-down:

The following link includes all articles this week: http://WindowsSecrets.com/comp/110217

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