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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saw jeff beck last night

Saw Jeff Beck (of the great English rock guitar triumvirate: Clapton/Beck/Page) last night at the Citi/Wang Center in Boston:
Crappy cell phone pix of marquee:

No pictures allowed inside, but here's the publicity shot:


Beck's doing a long tour with Imelda May and her 8-piece rock orchestra. Beck and May hooked up at a memorial service for Les Paul, whom I sure you know of, focusing on his music, his style of playing, and songs he influenced or was influenced by.

The band includes a brass section (mediocre trumpet but outstanding soprano and bass sax --- thought the bass sax guy was going to blow a gasket when he was doing hi-speed improv solos --- it takes a lot of wind to power one of those puppies); a great string bass whose preferred instrument was a full-blown stand-up bass which he slap-played at high speed with great flair --- fun performer; good drums; and more.

The music itself wasn't really my thing, but the virtuosity was impressive.

Les Paul playing "How High the Moon:"

Beck and May doing their cover of "How High the Moon:" (PBS filmed the start of their tour):

Fun evening!


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