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Thursday, March 24, 2011

When your PC doesn't recognize a new drive, the problem is likely to be in one of three main areas.

New drive installed, but it doesn't work

Reader Elvin Cordle's Windows needs a little more elbow room, so he decided to add a new, larger hard drive to his machine.

    * "I originally had two hard drives (80gig and 40gig) installed in my computer, and recently I wanted to update one of the drives to a 160gig. After I made the swap, the computer does not recognize the new drive. All of the drives are parallel ATA.

      "I am pretty familiar with computers and have always repaired my computer and several of my friends' computers. Any help will be appreciated."
Revealing file extensions in Windows 7

This week's WindowsSecrets.com newsletter runs through the how-tos for installing a new drive and getting it working properly.

Other items in my column this week:

  • Revealing file extensions in Windows 7
  • Is it OK now to install Windows 7 SP1?
  • Freeware fixes for desktop icon problems
The following link includes all articles this week: http://WindowsSecrets.com/comp/110324

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