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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Complete Windows Secrets issue out, w/LizaMoon story

The "'LizaMoon:' a blow-by-blow account," which details what happened when I deliberately allowed the LizaMoon malware to infect my PC, is currently tracking as one of Windows Secrets' most popular articles, ever.

Free read: http://windowssecrets.com/comp/110407

Rest of the issue:

Free content posted on April 07, 2011:

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By Fred Langa

How to troubleshoot a PC-memory problem
Free tools from Microsoft, other software publishers, and RAM vendors all can work together to solve your PC's memory troubles. In Windows 7 and Vista, an easy-to-use Memory Diagnostic Tool is built right into the operating system; XP users have other choices.

In this story

New RAM and new OS — and new trouble
Wanted! Your top SMB security tips
Windows 7 SP1 Remote Admin Tools failure
Siphoning data off an old laptop drive
Can't revert to Firefox 3 if 4 fails?


By Woody Leonhard

Rustock takedown: #1 spam botnet bites the dust
For years, Rustock stood as the largest generator of spam on the Internet: Symantec's MessageLabs estimates the Rustock botnet pumped out 14 billion pieces of spam per day in March. On March 16, a coordinated legal attack on Rustock, driven by Microsoft, cut the bot off at the knees. The total amount of spam worldwide dropped by one-third. But the pressure on the botnet isn't off yet.

In this story

Rustock, another special-purpose botnet
How Rustock made money — by the bucketful
Microsoft's lawyers take a novel approach


By Lincoln Spector

Fix that problem without reinstalling Windows
It's that tech-support nightmare. You've barely described your computer's troubles when your "support" advises formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows. Hold on, don't do that! If Windows at least boots before your problems begin, I've got six tricks you can try before reinstalling the operating system.

In this story

Make sure your PC isn't hosting a virus
Your hardware might be the source of the problem
Roll back your system config with System Restore
Clean out the Windows Registry
Remove software you don't want or need
Reduce the number of your autoloaders

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