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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recover from an Adobe update failure

This weeks WindowsSecrets column begins:
Adobe Reader update fails, ruins setup

Reader Thomas Keating ran into an extreme example of the problems that can happen in trying to keep Adobe Reader up-to-date.

    * "I recently received notification of an Adobe Reader update (version 9. something). I attempted — unsuccessfully — to download and install it. When this happened three times, I went to the help page. It suggested uninstalling Adobe reader and reinstalling it. I uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall Adobe 10.

      "It downloads but won't install. It says, 'Windows installer not found.' I tried disabling my firewall — no luck. I tried System Restore, and it took me back three days — and it uninstalled Windows 7 SP1.

      "Can you help me?"

Adobe's updates can be a royal pain. For starters, they're really multipart updates, although it isn't obvious. When the main Adobe Reader files need to be updated, Reader/Acrobat browser add-ons or plug-ins often need to be updated, too. Many times, I've found that a full Reader update cycle involves three separate downloads and installations: one for the main files, one for Internet Explorer, and one for Firefox; on each PC you're updating. Grrr.

That's an annoyance, but all too often there can be more serious installation problems — such as yours, Thomas.

In the rest of the column, I explain what I do when --- not if; when --- an Adobe product tanks on me

Other topics:

  • Firefox 4 incompatible with RoboForm 6; and a workaround
  • MS's Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT); there's more to MRT than meets the eye.
  • Do-it-all cleanup and tuneup tools

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