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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google Apps vs Google+

This remains a major PITA. Some things transfer, others don't. You have to log out of G+ to use sign in and use Apps; and vice versa. It's unusably clunky that way.
Nice way for Google to treat the paying Apps customers. "No Plus for you!"
From G's Help site:
Best answers

To access Google + and other Google services like Google Buzz you need a Google Profile.
Currently you cannot have a Google Profile with a Google Apps account, which simply means you cannot currently use the Google+ service.
Even thought Google stated multiple times in the past that Google Profile is coming for Google Apps users they failed to keep on their promise and while Google Buzz and the +1 button is not major deal for many (until now) Google+ is a must, for most of the users out there and is the major complain from Google Apps users.
It would be nice if anyone from Google can tell us what exactly is going on? What is the time-frame, if any, of when Google Apps users can get their Google Profile and along with it more Google Services including Google+, the +1 button and the Google Buzz.
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