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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awesome day. ( #juno #nasatweetup )

Better than I could have imagined.

Quick edit of just a few of the highlights.

A rather famous view. This is where the tweetup took place.


This is the Delta rocket (and strap-on boosters) that will launch the GRAIL lunar mission next month.

This is the Atlas V booster that will launch the Mars Science Lab (and the nuclear-powered rover Curiosity) in November. The Centaur 2nd stage was around the corner.


This is the Juno probe, launching Friday morning to Jupiter. It was loaded with RP1 when we were at the pad, but the cryogenic O2 won't load until the last minute.


I was amazed at how  close we could get.


Then we went inside the Vehicle Assembly Building:


A certain well-known spacecraft was being decommissioned, fresh from its last mission.

An amazing day!

I have half a gig of hi-res pix, but I need to get to bed --- early day tomorrow, and (one hopes) the launch.