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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

19-Year-Old Isaac Newton's List of Sins | Brain Pickings

04 JANUARY, 2012

19-Year-Old Isaac Newton’s List of Sins


What mother’s box of plums and sugar has to do with settling the age-old tension between science and religion.

Today marks the 369th would-be birthday of Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most remarkable, prolific, and influential cross-disciplinary scientists in human history. To celebrate, here is a curious find from The Newton Project, one of 7 important digital humanities projects — among the 4.2 million published and unpublished words by Newton made available as interactive diplomatic transcriptions is this list of 48 sins 19-year-old Newton self-admittedly “committed” before Whitsunday.


  1. Using the word (God) openly
  2. Eating an apple at Thy house
  3. Making a feather while on Thy day
  4. Denying that I made it
  5. Making a mousetrap on Thy day
  6. Contriving of the chimes on Thy day
  7. Squirting water on Thy day
  8. Making pies on Sunday night