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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Pander Bears have returned.

Fresh from Iowa, the GOP gang has descended en masse on New Hampshire.

It's put new energy into the local legislature, which is busy passing a bill removing virtually all limits on gun ownership and use. (yes! it's now OK for anyone to carry concealed, anywhere; and fine to have loaded weapons in your car! hooray for freedom!)

Another GOP group is fighting the teaching of evolution because --- get this --- it leads to Naziism and Communism.

You can almost feel intelligence draining out of the State. IQ points are dropping faster than the temperatures.

From the local paper today:


NH has a declare-on-voting policy where anyone can switch official party allegiances on voting day, and vote in either primary. I'm seriously thinking of voting for Santorum next week, just to throw more dust in the air --- he'll never make it to the general election, but a strong showing here will force Romney and the others to waste time and money in internal GOP warfare. The more they tear each other down, the better for the general election.

Of course, that will open the door to Palin to jump in at the last minute, but she's unelectable too, so that's OK.

I have never seen such a crop of wackos, losers and ignoramuses.