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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exploring Boston: Boston Summer Arts Weekend

The Boston Summer Arts Weekend is a three-day festival of public art and music, much of it free.

I attended several events, and yesterday went mid-day to the main event area, in Copley Plaza.

Sharon Shannon was playing on the main stage, and was excellent.

I wandered to the nearby Public Garden for a while; it was lovely, as usual.

Swan Boats in the Public Gardens

Professor World Band was busking on the lawn, and drawing a crowd.

Professor World Band


My intent was to stay for a while; Suzanne Vega was the headliner for a free concert at dusk.

I headed back to Copley Plaza.

Copley Fountain stage area

The secondary stage was odd: They'd drained the Plaza fountain to create a recessed area. But it worked well.


The Luminarium Dance Troupe performed an elaborate modern dance.

they drained the fountain to create a stage

Luminarium Dance Troupe



(Click for the rest of the pix.)

Alas, just as happened for the 4th of July fireworks, the weather did not cooperate. A huge storm moved in, stopping the outdoor performances, and scattering the crowd.

But it was nice while it lasted!