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Monday, August 27, 2012

Exploring Boston: A 3-fer Saturday

What a Saturday! I returned with almost 600 photos, so it's taking a while to sort, cull, and process them all.

First, I attended a tour of the Massachusetts Historical Society --- the oldest Historical Society in the US. Among other treasures there, I got to see the personal, working copies of the Declaration of Independence that Jefferson and Adams hand-wrote for their own use. (Jefferson's handwriting was neat; not so, Adams'. :) ) The documents --- faded, in dim-lit displays --- were hard to photograph, so you'll have to wait a few days to see those pix.

But next, I headed to East Boston to visit the funkiest sculpture exhibit I've ever seen --- various works of art scattered throughout a working, industrial shipyard. Here's a small, low-res pic of one:


Finally, I (and 40,000 others!) attended the Red Bull International Cliff Diving competition; which used a 95' (28m) platform built off the cantilevered roof of the Institute of Contemporary Art to allow the divers to plummet into Boston Harbor.

I got some good pix there, including this multiple exposure:


What a day that was!

In addition to having a mass of photos to wade through, it's also busy week both for work and for quasi-work: the Chairman of the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands saw my posts on the Harbor Islands, including my recent trip to Boston Light ( http://fredlanga.blogspot.com/2012/08/exploring-boston-uss-constitution-free.html ), and asked me to do a little piece for their next newsletter. They're an all-volunteer group, and they do good work; how could I refuse?

Stay tuned: lots of pix are on the way!