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Monday, October 29, 2012

Boston in Sandy's outskirts

There's a fairly steady wind here now --- the airport reports steady 30+mph/40+kph wind, and the light rain is moving horizontally outside my window. It'll stay rain: Boston is on the warm side of the storm. It'll be near 64F/18C today, so there's zero chance of snow.

The streets are mostly quiet. A few Police cars are on slow patrol, making loudspeaker announcements about available shelters, emergency phone numbers, and such.

The T is still running, but will shut down at 2PM. The Kenmore T stop is sandbagged against flooding.

Winds will get stronger this afternoon, and may approach hurricane strength. I'll bundle up and head out to see what the Muddy River is doing later, assuming it's not dangerously bad out. But it's mostly, and so far, just a sloppy storm here.