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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From the Department of Irony: With final counts coming in, Romney likely ends up with 47% of votes

...The Romney victory was always based on the hope that a whiter-than-2008 electorate would ensure that Obama’s victory was a demographic fluke. Yet Obama’s constituencies — many of whom make up Romney’s fabled 47 percent — turned out to add up to the majority, confirming that these ongoing changes are real and inexorable, a sign of what America is really becoming. If Romney’s described electorate — the job creators and the makers of America who were supposed to be enraged at all the moochers and the takers — ends up totalling 47 percent, we will have come full circle...

... Romney ran a campaign of unprecedented dishonesty and lack of transparency, virtually all of it was geared towards misleading people about the true nature of his — and his party’s — actual beliefs and governing agenda. This was the case on multiple fronts, from Romney’s dissembling about the size of the tax cut he’d give to the rich, to his evasions about the overhaul he and Paul Ryan planned for the safety net, to the obscuring of the massive upward redistribution of wealth represented by the Ryan agenda — the GOP’s central governing blueprint for nation’s fiscal and economic future...

...At risk of piling on, a 47 percent finish would represent a perfect conclusion to the Romney political saga.



(And, a final coda: President Barack Obama already has a higher popular vote margin than George W. Bush had in 2004.)