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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Raytheon's Veteran's Day events | #meetray #Ht4h

A while back, I mentioned that I signed up for some Veteran's Day events sponsored by Raytheon; in the style of the NASA "Tweetups" I attended to witness the launches of the Juno probe to Jupiter, and the Mars Science lab (and the rover, Curiosity).

The Raytheon events are part of its Hashtags for Heros effort. http://www.raytheon.com/media/ht4h/.

Here's what's going on tomorrow. I may tweet some from the event; but I prefer to use a real camera (ie not a phone) to document events, so most of my posts will follow the event, after I get home.

If you want to follow along the general posts, look for/search on the #ht4h and #meetray tags.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Veterans Day Tweetup - FINAL INFO

We hope you are as excited as we are about the tweetup on Sunday! A few final reminders and useful info...

What's the point? You are participants in a larger Raytheon effort to thank veterans. Raytheon strongly believes in its responsibility to those who serve and the company and the employee support many organizations throughout the year with both time and money. During the month of November, we are profiling those organizations and people on a microsite at http://www.raytheon.com/media/ht4h/. Please check it out and share. We're adding new stories throughout the month. On Sunday, we'll also be making an announcement of a new partnership.

Transportation and Check-in
We will travel to Gillette Stadium as a group via a chartered bus.

#meetRay Tweetup Schedule
Our Tweetup program will take place in the Raytheon Theater of the Hall at Patriot Place after our arrival. Pam Wickham, Raytheon’s vice president of corporate affairs and communications, will welcome you and introduce you to Raytheon’s partnership with the Patriots and work with organizations that support the men and women who serve.

You will then get to talk with Robert Curbeam, Jr., vice president, Mission Assurance, for Raytheon Company’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business. He also is a retired US Navy Captain and former NASA astronaut.

Pam Erickson, vice president of Community Relations, will wrap up with a chat about all of the company's various corporate social responsibility initiatives. She also will brief us about the 150 veterans and guests we will be joining for the remainder of the day.

We will then join the veterans and their guests for a lunch buffet. You also will have the opportunity to participate in assembling care packages to be sent to troops on deployment.

From lunch, we will find our seats in the lower level end zone for the 1 p.m. start of the game in which the New England Patriots play the Buffalo Bills.

#HT4H stands for “Hashtags for Heroes.” During the month of November, we are encouraging people to tell the world about the service men and women who are their heroes and add the hashtag. The campaign follows a similar campaign Raytheon ran in May for Military Appreciation Month. Raytheon believes in its responsibility to give back to those who demonstrate every day their commitment to protect our country. As part of the company's armed services support program, Raytheon commits resources toward veteran employment programs; volunteerism and giving among employees; and sponsorship of key programs. Learn more at http://www.raytheon.com/media/ht4h

Cameras and video cameras are allowed. A Raytheon photographer may also be taking photos of our group. Your participation in the event signals your consent to appear in photos and online, and we will be asking you to sign a photo release form.

With Great Privilege…
Please keep in mind you are Raytheon’s guests at an event to honor service men and women who protect our country.