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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Accidental sonnets

Another boy without a sharper knife;
Appreciate the little things in life.
I’m freezing waiting for the bus instead.
Ten minutes on the phone and nothing said.

I never thought relationships were hard.
I have an Olive Garden credit card.
I’m getting absolutely nothing done.
So many people never find the one.

This lonely feeling haunting me again.
Shall hang the clothes and wash the dishes then.
It doesn’t really matter anymore.
I’m gonna open up a liquor store.

I thought the world revolved around the sun.
I’m disappointed, goodnight everyone.

The above was produced by the Pentametron, an automated software site that culls Twitter in real-time for bits of iambic prose, and then manufactures couplets.

The Pentametron's stated goal is "to find inadvertent poetry in the endless torrents of language that slosh around the internet." Its slogan:

With algorithms subtle and discrete
I seek iambic writings to retweet.

Because it's just software, and because so many tweets are crap, a lot of what Pentametron produces is junk. But occasionally, it spews out a gem.

appreciate the little things in life
this music drowning everybody out.