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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston waits...

In the last week, I’ve heard a lifetime’s worth of sirens. Last night’s constant stream of police and emergency vehicles was second only to that of the hours following the Marathon blasts.

Outside my windows, here in the Fens, the streets are very quiet now; very light traffic and few pedestrians. It looks more like New Year’s morning, or some other holiday, rather than a warm Spring Friday.

It’s been hard to get good information. Boston activated its Reverse-911 outcall system this morning, phoning the landlines of all local residents with a recorded “shelter in place” advisory. Some of the local TV stations have been responsible and accurate, but every station has its blowhards and low-IQ on-air people who say whatever vagrant thought drifts through their mind.

I’ve turned off the TV for now. I’m monitoring online newsfeeds --- they’re less strident, intrusive, and disturbing than broadcast.

It’s clear this will be over soon, one way or another. A million people here will breathe a sigh of relief when that happens. And then maybe life can get back to normal.  

I think, at this point, that everyone in Boston just wants this to be over.