Monday, September 2, 2013

Exploring Boston: "Convergence: Sculptors Gallery"

"Convergence: Boston Sculptors Gallery" is worth mentioning early in this series of summer catch-up posts not only for its own visual merits, but because it's still going on. If you're going to be in Boston anytime before the show ends, it might well be worth the visit:

"The Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to announce its first outdoor exhibition of monumental, site-specific art works, co-sponsored by The First Church of Christ, Scientist. In a convergence of imagination and civic pride, over two dozen art installations from Boston Sculptors Gallery members will be displayed on The Christian Science Plaza from Wednesday, May 1 to Thursday, October 31, 2013."

The exhibit is behind the Prudential tower, in the area of the long reflecting pool in the Christian Science Plaza. (The exhibit is non-religious; the church is simply letting the exhibitors use the public space.)

There are two websites that describe the exhibit: an unofficial site,and an official site. Oddly the unofficial site is better for a general overview and maps, but the official site the has lots more detail, including times/dates for the many talks, tours, and performances associated with the event.

I visited on a hot but overcast day in July. A sampling:

 photo P7120081960x1280_zpsf47e5b04.jpg

Andy Zimmerman's highly-reflective"Wave Cloud:"

 photo P7120080955x1280_zps30b8062c.jpg

Nancy Milliken's "Lighthouse," which is actually raw sheepskins over a metal armature:
 photo P7120083904x1280_zpsd3ec064e.jpg

Another view of The Lighthouse:
 photo P7120085958x1280_zps43487f3d.jpg

Michelle Lougee's "Christian Science Coral:"
 photo P7120084942x1280_zps6d3244f7.jpg

 photo P7120084a464x1018_zpsed144936.jpg

Two wood-on-metal constructions by Jim Henderson:
 photo P7120091928x1280_zpsd4e62857.jpg

 photo P7120092960x1280_zpsdc75b864.jpg

Joseph Wheelwright's "Loving Stones:"
 photo P71200931280x960_zpsf9c46515.jpg

Dodson & Moerlein's "Poised:"
 photo P7120094954x1280_zpsd3e46eed.jpg

 photo P7120095959x1280_zps02463377.jpg

Donna Dodson's "Tiger Mother #1:"
 photo P7120096959x1280_zpse28a8e54.jpg

And, on the other side of the plaza, "Tiger Mother #2:"
 photo P7120097952x1280_zps3d4d1b51.jpg

Murray Dewart's gorgeous stone and alloy "One bright morning:"
 photo P71200981280x957_zps76776c12.jpg

Tucked in a niche, Sally Fine's "Minoan Reflection:"
 photo P7120099944x1280_zpse96a7970.jpg

Eric Sealine's "Arabesque:"
 photo P71201001280x950_zpsb0d23595.jpg

Rosalyn Driscoll's two-sided "Nave:"
 photo P7120101960x1280_zpse32ce82b.jpg

 photo P7120102960x1280_zpsfab5efbf.jpg

Yes, I thought it was litter at first, but it's Laura Evan's wry "Bag Lunch" bronze:
 photo P71201051280x947_zpsb0032bc8.jpg

It looked like an outrigger canoe to me, but Peter Decamp Haines named it "Reclining Blade:"
 photo P71201061280x960_zps2d56b02c.jpg

Another Peter Decamp Haines piece, "Inner Eagle" seems to somewhat echo the shape of the building behind it:
 photo P7120107960x1280_zpse82927c4.jpg

I loved the sheer whimsy of Andy Moerlein's "Impossible:"
 photo P71201081280x958_zpsabbb5998.jpg

 photo P71201091280x959_zps4ca918de.jpg

 photo P71201101280x960_zpsc798563d.jpg

 photo P71201111280x960_zpsc96129ce.jpg

Leslie Wilcox decided to dress up some trees in "Sentinel Stand:"
 photo P71201121280x960_zpsaca5d5ee.jpg

 photo P7120113959x1280_zps1e26ccd5.jpg

 photo P7120114960x1280_zps48d6f81a.jpg

 photo P7120115709x1280_zpsf3e46313.jpg

One of two Gillian Christy "The Space Within" pieces:
 photo P7120116747x1280_zpsfb48335f.jpg

Margaret Swan's oddly mechanical-looking "Templum:"
 photo P7120117960x1280_zps2d4ce1c7.jpg

One of Marilu Swett's "Water Forms:"
 photo P7120118928x1280_zps52d6312c.jpg

The other "Water Form:"
 photo P7120119960x1280_zps1714da3b.jpg

Slideshow: Click. Album: Click.

As of this posting, the exhibit runs 60 more days --- and I think it's well worth the visit!

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