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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Boston First Night 2013-14

News Year's is celebrated at midnight just about everywhere, but First Night --- an extended, New Year's oriented, day-long, city-wide festival --- was started in Boston in 1975 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Night ). It's been copied in many, many cities and towns since then.

Last night's First Night in Boston was frigid (around 20F/-6C), but fun.

A few smartphone snaps follow; an album and slideshow are available; the latter works best at the "fast" setting.

Happy New Year!

 photo 20131231_165051_zpsa219e7f9.jpg

 photo 20131231_181102_LLS_zps80f3bbe4.jpg

 photo 20131231_181550_LLS_zpsd113376f.jpg

 photo 20131231_181606_LLS_zps9915bd04.jpg

 photo 20131231_181642_LLS_zpsedde3ca5.jpg

 photo 20131231_182849_zps6ef4a198.jpg

 photo 20131231_183317_zpsbc25bd7f.jpg

 photo 20131231_183434_zpsc57de4d6.jpg

 photo 20131231_190134_LLS_zps93427bcb.jpg

 photo 20131231_190152_LLS_zpse6e5dac3.jpg

 photo 20131231_190203_LLS_zps8d2622da.jpg