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Monday, January 13, 2014

Exploring Boston: Middlesex Fells Reservation Winter Hike

The "Friends of the Fells" sponsored a midwinter hike in the Middlesex Fells Reservation this past Sunday. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middlesex_Fells_Reservation).

Oddly, the hike was more springlike than wintry: Saturday had seen torrential rains that melted much of the snow, and temps were around 40F/4C at the time of the hike. But it was still a pleasant ramble.

Some pix:

The heavy rains filled the smaller ponds so that what had been surface ice was now submerged. The layer of still, clean water over the white ice created some interesting mirror effects.
 photo P1120001Large_zps94ec2ca3.jpg

 photo P1120021Large_zps386368cc.jpg

 photo P1120006Large_zps8be74a74.jpg

 photo P1120009Large_zpsb7c4f3c6.jpg

The rising water also dislodged leaves, pine needles, and other debris, bringing some to the surface, to complement the ice-embedded and -covered items from before the storm.
 photo P1120007Large_zpsa1782260.jpg

 photo P1120024Large_zps4b0d2a05.jpg

The larger ponds still had mostly icy surfaces; the rain drained through crevasses into the main body of the water.
 photo P1120005Large_zps0a246ccc.jpg

A portion of Long Pond, in Winter.
 photo P1120015StitchLarge_zps4235057d.jpg

From last Summer, a shot from the nearly same vantage:
 photo 20130707_112326Large_zps8d484371.jpg

The light was oblique enough to bring out the mineral veining of the local rocks.
 photo P1120013Large_zps46370afa.jpg

 photo P1120031Large_zps6d28805f.jpg

 photo P1120032Large_zpsd1163a1a.jpg

We looped around to the west side of the large Middle Reservoir (this is a nearly 180 degree panorama):
 photo P1120027StitchLarge_zps39ab528d.jpg

It was a very pleasant walk, with the warm temperatures a special treat after the bitter cold of the "polar vortex" of the week previous!
 photo P1120019Large_zpsbebb672f.jpg

If you're in the area, Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation has regular hikes all winter long: http://www.fells.org/