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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The most (and least) pleasant places to live in the US, weather-wise.

A "just for fun" project:

Kelly Norton compiled NOAA data for the last 23 years to figure out the regions of the United States with the most (and least) pleasant days in a typical year.

He defines “pleasant” as having a mean temperature between (55°F and 75°F or 13/24C), a minimum temperature above 45° F (7C), a maximum temperature below 85° F (29C) and no significant precipitation or snow depth.

He put it all in an interactive map (he's a software engineer) where you can click to explore your area's degree of "pleasantness."

Example (the bluer, the better):

By this measure, Los Angeles has the most pleasant weather in the US; McAllister, MT, the least.

More: http://www.kellegous.com/j/2014/02/03/pleasant-places/