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Friday, April 25, 2014

Herring 5, Fred 0

I had my 4th and 5th herring counts yesterday.

Previous posts covered the first, second, and third counts. (The first post also explains what this is all about.)

I've seen herring frolicking in the Mystic River next to my apartment building, and a few monitors reported very low (like, single-digit) numbers of herring at the fish ladder. But I haven't see a single one as part of the official counts.

Yesterday was sunny at the dam, but with a ferocious wind; steady at around 30mph/50kph, with gusts to over 50m/80k.

It was actually hard to walk on the dam in the wind, and the water was very choppy, making visibility poor. Upper Mystic Lake isn't very big, but it still generated whitecaps enough to splash me as I did the dead-geezer-face-down-on-the-fish-ladder thing.

This 15-second video clip (rendered tiny and low-res by Blogger) will give you the idea: For the first few seconds, I was freestanding and getting buffeted by the wind. Then I grabbed a solid steel fence for support, which steadied the camera. If you prefer a slightly less blurry version, try this: http://tinyurl.com/l4ozgye

Clearly, the herring had more sense than did I --- they stayed away!

I have another count scheduled on Monday, and am also slated to be interviewed at the dam by (drum roll please) Somerville Community Access TV.

The damn fish better show up.  :)