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Monday, November 17, 2014

A little space humor (1/2)

Check out the twitter hashtag #WhyIGotFiredFromNASA.


When Jim Lovell called down "Houston,  We have a problem"  I responded: "Press 1 for English,  2 for Spanish."
--- ‏@berkemeyerjj

Was greeting every PhD with "Eeeeehh, what's up, doc?"
--- @RickTsaara

NASA I left a Tribble in a food bin on a Russian Soyuz resupply ship.

Because yelled "Thruster? I barely know her!" at each and every opportunity.

Turns out that answering a Congresscritter's question with "As every third grader knows..." isn't a good idea.
--- @wesmorgan1

Suggesting we designate one astronaut as a Red Shirt, just in case, was considered "poor taste"
--- @lantenengo

"That's how they did it in Armageddon" is not considered "proof of work"
--- @MarcusBeaubier