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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Exploring Boston: Province Court and Province Street, then and now

A while ago, the VintageEveryDay site (an archive of old photos) ran three 1901 photos of Boston's Province Court and Province Street.

I thought it would be fun to try reproduce the same shots today, to see what's changed. So, on a recent trip downtown, I did just that.

Finding the streets was easy: They're just off the Common, and have been there since colonial days:
 photo Untitled-CopyLarge_zps86bd70e9.png

But, man, have things changed in the last 113 years. Not just the buildings, but even the street elevation is different.

Some major changes are very recent, as this plaque explains:
 photo 20141031_115204_RichtoneHDRLarge_zps6b820c2e.jpg

The changes made finding the same vantages rather difficult. But, with a lot of head scratching and wandering back and forth, I matched things up as best I could.

 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19012Large_zps9ee9413c.jpg

 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19012aLarge_zps6efb695c.jpg

 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19013Large_zps6aa92fae.jpg

Now (a parked delivery truck meant I had to shoot from the wrong side of the street):
 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19013aLarge_zpsa3d71c3a.jpg

And the biggest change; then:
 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19011Large_zpsa975319a.jpg

 photo ProvinceCourtandProvinceStreetBostonMassachusettsJuly19011aLarge_zps770a8b03.jpg

Boston has a reputation for holding on to its past, but this fun project shows just how much at least some parts have changed. :)