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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Midway through the #‎BlizzardOf2015‬

Medford MA (about 5 miles from the Mass State House in Boston), noon on Jan 27, halfway through the storm:

Empty streets:
 photo 20150127_121751_zpsbegvy4r1.jpg

But giant plow-drifts:
 photo 20150127_121523_zpswlyezjkz.jpg

Along the Mystic: The snow averaged about knee-high, with some windswept spots lower, and others nearly hip-high with snow.
 photo 20150127_120917_zpsxazgy3gu.jpg

The waterfowl on the Mystic ice know a snow day when they see one:
 photo 20150127_120735_zpszezbx17s.jpg

More deserted streets w/ high plow drifts:
 photo 20150127_115842_zpsxlo5y7um.jpg

There's about another 12 hours to go...