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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Boston: the "Snowzilla" machine and other snow-removal oddities #mbta #snowzilla

It snowed a couple more inches yesterday, with a few more due today, and another "foot, foot-and-a-half" (30-45cm) due this weekend.

Travel is a mess. Side streets are still awful, and the T (Boston mass transit) is limping along on a reduced schedule, which forces more autos on the roads, taking traffic even worse. Sidewalks are dangerous, at best.

Some visual oddities:

I saw the T's Snowzilla, a "Hurricane Jet Snow Blower"  (a track-mounted jet engine with a downward-directed exhaust) in the Wellington train yard yesterday --- an odd and obviously high-mileage beast.

The nozzle is in the travel position in these pix:

Other pix, info:
The City of Boston also has borrowed several snow melters from other states to try to get rid of the giant snow piles. My apartment complex rented a smaller version, locally, to melt snow by the front-end-loader bucketful. It's dragged into place by a heavy truck, and accompanied by its own fuel bowser to keep it fed --- it uses an astonishing amount of fuel oil:


Yikes, what a winter.