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Monday, February 16, 2015

This is getting old.


This is now the snowiest February ever in Boston's recorded history (and the month is only half over).

Last night, when I went to bed, the wind chill equivalent was -30f/-34c (-2f/-18c with 40 mph/64kph wind gusts).

Travel is still very tough. Boston's economy losing close to a quarter-billion dollars a day.

Today, only the underground portions of the T are operating --- most surface bus and train lines are down.

Most people are managing with some grace, or at least stoicism. But some are not: Snowblower thefts are on the rise. Some people are attacking snow plows with shovels, when the plows re-block their cars or driveways. Car owners have had their tires slashed for "stealing" a public parking space that someone else shoveled out.

Some roofs are collapsing.

More snow due tomorrow, and next weekend.

Oddly I find myself rooting for more snow. We're in this far, we might as well hope for an all-time Winter-record snowfall. At least we'd come out of it with a literally unique experience, instead of just a major pain in the ass.