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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The ignorance is astonishing

Trump: No Politician 'Has Been Treated Worse Or More Unfairly' Than Me

Presidents assassinated
1 Abraham Lincoln
2 James A. Garfield
3 William McKinley
4 John F. Kennedy

Serious assassination plots and attempts
5 Andrew Jackson
6 Abraham Lincoln
7 William Howard Taft
8 Theodore Roosevelt
9 Herbert Hoover
10 Franklin D. Roosevelt
11 Harry S Truman
12 John F. Kennedy
13 Richard Nixon
14 Gerald Ford
15 Jimmy Carter
16 Ronald Reagan
17 George H. W. Bush
18 Bill Clinton
19 George W. Bush
20 Barack Obama

Presidential deaths rumored to be assassinations
21 Zachary Taylor
22 Warren G. Harding

Presidents impeached
23 Andrew Johnson
24 Bill Clinton
25 Richard Nixon --- resigned in the face of certain impeachment and conviction