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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are the benefits of defragging hard drives overblown?

Are the benefits of defragmentation overblown?

By Fred Langa

One of the never-ending, always-simmering debates between PC users is whether defragging fast, modern hard drives provides any measurable benefits to PC performance.

But there's clear logic behind defragmentation

Reader Martin Hack asks a legitimate question regarding some advice given recently in my weekly WindowsSecrets.com column: Is the recommendation to "Defrag, defrag, and defrag again" actually founded in fact?

  • "In his July 22 column, Fred makes the following statement: 'Defrag, defrag, and defrag again. Hard-drive files neatly packaged into long, unbroken chains load faster than those whose segments are scattered all over the drive.'

    "I have yet to see this shown to be the case. And if he has any proof, I'd like to see it. Thanks."

The top item in this week's column goes on to show the clear proof of defragmentation's benefits.

The other topic I cover in this issue:

  • Another method for completely uninstalling Flash
  • Install 64-bit Windows 7 over 32-bit Vista?
  • AV suite implicated in horrible boot time
Here's the full issue lineup this week:

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