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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The best of LangaList Plus — 2010

It wasn't my idea --- honest! <g> But the folks who publish  Windows Secrets decided to end the year with a "best of..." compendium of my columns from the last year; all free (no subscription required).

Here's what they said:

Every issue, the LangaList Plus technical Q&A tackles difficult — and sometimes esoteric — problems sent in by paid Windows Secrets subscribers.

For this last LangaList Plus of the year, we've assembled a half-dozen of the most popular Langa stories, covering topics as diverse as notebook batteries and self-healing PCs.

By Fred Langa
The best of LangaList Plus — 2010
The care and feeding of laptop batteries
These Registry mods will kick-start your workday
Get free firewall testing with online services
What good does defragging do nowadays?
Looking for a better antivirus/security package
Make a clean "copy" of Windows in seconds

The rest of the issue --- also free:

Free content posted on Dec. 23, 2010:

Check it out!


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