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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exploring Boston: Opsail 2012 (full)

I've sorted through the gig of photos I took yesterday. Here are the best.

The weather had been forecast to be iffy, but the day was great. Here's the view back at Boston as the ferry left Long Wharf.

Leaving Long Wharf

The BAE Guayas - Ecuador:


Festive fireboat action:


Many "grey hulls" visiting, from around the world:


Arrived at Spectacle Island; it was just a beautiful as last time.

Arrived at Spectacle Island

Telephoto shot of USCG Eagle, from Spectacle Island. It reached 97F (36C) in the harbor; note the heat shimmer):

Telephoto shots from the Island

ARC Gloria - Colombia:


Zakim Bridge in the background:

Zakim  bridge in background

KRI Dewaruci - Indonesia - had a full band on board; the only ship playing music through its arrival:


As the last tall Ship entered, there was a 21 round cannon fire salute from Castle Island. I was a mile or so away over open water, but the concussions were still strong enough to feel in my chest:

cannon fire salutes from Castle island



Old North Church steeple (re: Paul Revere's Ride; 'One if by land, two if by sea...') in right-side background:

Old North Church (re: Paul Revere's Ride) in background

Bunker Hill Monument in background:

Bunker Hill Monument in background


When things started to quiet down, I ate my lunch and then read a book for several hours from this vantage on Spectacle's North Drumlin.

View from Spectacle Island north drumlin

What a great excursion!

Full Photobucket album.