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Monday, April 28, 2014

Herring 5, Fred 1

I actually saw a herring swim up the fish ladder today.

One. Freaking. Herring.

But one is more than zero. So that's a good thing.

(Earlier chapters in the saga of the annual herring count: http://fredlanga.blogspot.com/2014/04/herring-5-fred-0.html )

Today, Elizabeth (the herring count coordinator) was there, along with Jane Regan, Director of the "Somerville Neighborhood News" show on community access TV. Jane  was interviewer/cameraperson/audioperson.

She was taping for an unspecified future air date. Her hook (har har) is actually pending environmental legislation to clean up the Mystic. The herring count is a small part of the story.

I did a little on-camera interview ("Fish good! Herring good! Fred like fish! Fred like herring!") and then did my dead-geezer-on-the-fish-ladder thing; she filmed it all.

Ironically, she was changing camera angles when the lone herring swam through, so she missed that.

But I did see a herring.

One. Freaking. Herring.