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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sh*ttiest rocketry launch ever

For reasons probably best left unexplored, the Michiana Rocketry Club decided to equip a 450-lb/200-kilo Porta-Potty with rockets and launch it as high as they could.

They called the event "Thrusting the throne."

Their motto was, "To boldly go where no can has gone before."

Total development time was two years. They built and flew scale models. They made changes. They engineered the details, including a parachute recovery system.

I suspect Michigan's long winters played a role.

But they succeeded!

Here they are prepping the toilet for its moment of glory this past weekend.

The ---pardon the expression --- business end:

The, um, historic flight:

It landed on a car. Imagine the car owner's call to his insurance company.

Congrats to the rocketeers!