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Monday, February 27, 2017

Notes from the Flood, Part 4

Notes from the Flood, Part 4


 They’re predicting 9-10 days before we’re mostly done; +/-2 weeks to full completion.

 One section of ceiling, and several baseboard sections of interior walls, have been removed to allow the interior cavities to dry. There’ll be 1-2 more days with blowers/dehumidifiers. Then reconstruction will start, followed by the usual wallboard/joint paste/drying/sanding/painting and all that. In about 2 weeks, they’ll come in and shampoo the rugs.

The building manager said that due to a quirk in building construction, the apartment directly above us was the worst-damaged --- even worse than the apartment where the flood started. Our vertical neighbors’ loss was our gain; they took the brunt of the hit, and diverted much of the flow away from us.

So, it could have been worse. Sigh.